Here is a short sample from projects I have done, for my employers and in my own time. The quality and scope varies... a lot.

Performance Benchmark Suite
Performance benchmark suite

Client and Server applications, written in C# with WPF and WCF. Used to schedule, run and control up to 100 Windows sessions on a range of VMs.


A fullfledged library with unit tests, written in C#. It features classes that can be easily implemented to solve one of programming's most basic — yet notorious — exercises.

Colossus Sharp
Colossus Sharp

Combining my fascination with the story of the Colossus computer and the Lorenz machines. Implementation of all features on a Lorenz SZ40 cryptographic device, as used in WWII.

I also had a job!
'Regular' job

Worked on a large WPF software package for 6+ years, with C#/WPF and Delphi. Maintained several modules for years. Later moved to the Core and Analytics team. All full-stack work. Too many interesting moments to name.

Migration projects

For my employer, I developed a complete migration module to assist transitioning major software versions. Was both the developer and technical project leader for 40+ major projects.

I couldn't think of a better image...
Bots and tools

I'm an avid casual gamer. For my favorite games I've developed some basic bots to scrape data from the game. Wrote some in depth calculators to get the most out of my teams. Wrote utility chatbot for Line Messenger for the guild.

Company Finder

In order help to find a new job in certain places, I automated fetching company details and searching their websites using the Google Locations API and some simple web scraping.

Warning system

To act faster on critical errors, I built and coded a very loud alarm that triggered when the Analytics module logged a specific error on any client in the country.

Arduino fun

Bodged together a robust debug kill switch. Built a triggerable beacon light for a competition at a convention booth. Revived a 1960s rotary phone as USB VOIP device and numpad. Built some basic synth components.