Hi, I'm Wim Passchier

It's nice to see someone interested in me! Talking about myself isn't something I'm great at, but here goes nothing.

I write software for a living, and for fun! Besides that, I spend a lot of time tinkering with different technologies and things.


  • am a humble Dutch software engineer.
  • am a massive nerd.
  • have well over half a decade experience with the .Net Framework and many other things with Microsoft in the name.
  • have an education based around Communication and Media.
  • know the importance of the SOLID principles.
  • sometimes choose to ignore those principles in order to make a thing work better.
  • don't publish much code publicly.
  • thoroughly enjoy the infosec community and its quirks.
  • prefer working smarter over harder.

The Projects page will contain some more details about some of the random stuff I've done over the years.

P.S. For my international visitors, my first name is pronounced 'wihm'. Best you don't attempt my surname as it is very Dutch.